Storm Water Testing Laboratory
Initiative of Sempergreen, plus support of:
Hydrotech, Firestone, Knauf & Greenrise

The Purple-Roof is the only concept that has been exposed to real life assembled testing in a professional setting. The Stormwater Testing Laboratory applies a replicable computerized rain event that mimics a real-life East Coast rain event on test assemblies that are 80 square feet in size. We measure water release, retention, transient release and sheet flow. We use this laboratory to determine the real-life performance of a green roof, we confirm the true retention capacity, if it tends to allow sheet flow and the time it takes for the transient water to reach the drain. This $135,000 laboratory uses state of the art certified technology to get simple and honest data from different green roof assemblies so civil engineers, architects and policy makers can make decisions based on real performance and facts.

The companies that have helped this project become real are listed above, and see this project as a way to learn, improve and progress their respective green roof assemblies. We thank them for their contributions.

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