Purple-Roof and Sponge-Roof Projects

A growing list of architects, landscape architects and civil engineers are incorporating the Sponge-Roof concept and the Purple-Roof-concept into their projects. Purple-Roof-compliant assemblies are sold under several different brand names worldwide. A sampling of some recent projects is below.

SOME (So Others May Eat) Conway Center, Washington, DC, USA. This 4-inch (100mm) thick Sponge-Roof roof was installed to meet the District of Columbia's stormwater retention requirements, which would have otherwise required an 8-inch (200mm) thick green roof.

Sky View Parc, Phase 2, Flushing, Queens, New York, NY, USA. Located in the prime location of Downtown Flushing, Sky View Parc is one of the largest mixed-use developments in New York City, offering a new and unique investment opportunity. The owner saw value in aesthetic green and made it into NYC’s second largest green roof stormwater sponge. The landscape architect delivered a smart and spectacular design, the installer delivered despite conditions that were next to impossible, and yet the outcome is beyond expectations. This is a textbook example why you need great landscape architects that can think beyond the basics, great suppliers of high quality soils and plants, and a thorough maintenance plan that protects the owner’s investment.

Developer: Onex Real Estate PartnersArchitect: architectsAllianceLandscape Architect: Moss Gilday GroupGrowing Media Supplier: roofliteSupplier: Sempergreen USAInstaller: Steven Dubner Landscaping, Inc.

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Philadelphia Water Department 61st Street Facility, Philadelphia, PA, USA. The Philadelphia Water Department is aggressively pursuing green infrastructure improvements to capture stormwater before runoff occurs, evaporate water into the atmosphere, and/or slowly release water into storm sewers. This Sponge-Roof project is a great example of green infrastructure pursuing those goals.

Architect: Converse Winkler ArchitectureCivil Engineer: Burns GroupSupplier: American HydrotechSupplier: Thomco, Inc.General Contractor: AP ConstructionInstaller: EDA Contractors

Opera Dubai and other projects, Dubai, UAE. The hot, desert climate of the United Arab Emirates is a very harsh environment for green roofs. Urbanscape has successfully implemented several Sponge-Roof green roofs in Dubai. Highly retentive needled mineral wool is helps sustain healthy plants without excessive irrigation use.

Convention Center in Melsomvik, Norway. Here the Knauf Urbanscape (Sponge-Roof concept) green roofs dramatically ascend and descend roof surfaces of this breathtaking convention center that seems to rise out of the ground. Both the Sponge-Roof and Purple-Roof concepts are climate-adapted, allowing these green roof concepts to work equally well in Scandinavia and Arabia.

Knauf Urbanscape green roof at Maison de quartier de la Croix Bonnet, France.

Knauf Urbanscape green roof in Iberia.

800 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Washington, DC, USA. Parker Rodriguez landscape architects incorporated some design flourishes into Sponge-Roof project. This green roof satisfies the District of Columbia's aggressive stormwater retention requirements, while cooling the immediate environment and providing a pleasing aesthetic.

Developer: WCS SmithArchitect: SK+I ArchitectureCivil Engineer: Vika CapitolLandscape Architect: Parker RodriguezSupplier: Green Roof Specialty ProductsInstaller: Commercial Roofing & Sheet Metal