Purple-Roof Green Roof Construction Specifications

Purple-Roof is a non-proprietary concept for a green roof that incorporates high retention and detention capabilities. This concept, or these specifications, may be seen as a "recipe".

This page explains the Purple-Roof concept in the following three formats:

3-Part CSI Construction Specification

For 3-Part CSI construction specifications in MS Word or PDF, select one of the options below:

Purple-Roof concept (retention & detention) with gravel and pavers

Purple-Roof concept (retention & detention)

Purple-Roof concept (retention & detention) with pavers

Purple-Roof concept (retention & detention) with gravel

Purple-Roof concept (retention & detention) - pavers only

Purple-Roof concept (retention & detention) - gravel only

Sponge Roof concept (retention) with gravel and pavers

Sponge Roof concept (retention)

Sponge Roof concept (retention) with pavers

Sponge Roof concept (retention) with gravel

Purple-Roof is a Non-Proprietary Specification

One of the first questions we usually get is, "is this a proprietary specification?" , which usually means "is there only one place I can buy it"?

Purple-Roof is a concept that may be implemented – and is intended to be implemented – by multiple manufacturers. This approach was chosen to allow competitive bidding , customization of assemblies for any market, and installation over various suitable roofing membranes.

Purple-Roof is a clearly defined and trademarked brand so that we can protect the integrity of solutions that claim to implement the Purple-Roof concept.

If you see the Purple-Roof name and logo, then you can rest assured that the manufacturer representing that product is following the specifications on this page, and is using data and research generated by Green Roof Diagnostics.

Each of the manufacturers below offers green roof assemblies that comply with Purple-Roof specifications. Please obtain manufacturer-specific product data from: